There are many kinds of guys on the chat lines and you have the opportunity to meet many of them and build friendships and phone lovers. This blog post gives you a list of people you will likely cross paths with through the phone dating community.

There are many of these kinds of guys on the chat lines. This guy tends to be younger and is exploring his sexuality and maybe not 100 percent sure of what he wants or fully enjoys yet. This kind of guy can be open or shy but really up for trying new things once you get to know him. He is likely looking for friendships and lovers and everything in between.

The Couple
You will likely talk to a couple here and there on the chat lines. They are not as many couples as other kinds of guys on the chat lines but couples are great to speak with because you get to have two different perspectives and two different people to speak about ideas and interests. The couple who is a part of the phone dating community is likely looking for some fun with a single guy. This could be a fun and sexy experience.

The Divorced Hunk
You may come across separated or divorced men on the chat lines. They could be looking for a variety of things from friendships, hookups, and something more serious and romantic.

Other Men
You can find literally every kind of man on the chat lines. So go ahead and explore by giving the chat line number a call. You will be instantly connected and you can meet and make all kinds of phone friendships and lovers. The chat lines never shut down so you can talk to guys whenever it works best with your schedule.