The great thing about a free chat line is that you can eliminate some of the shyness that comes from being with someone for the first date. It’s also a great way to meet people without having to start a conversation with a random stranger. You know that when you call a gay phone dating service, the other person is also interested in dating or discrete fun. Here are a few tips:

1. Hang out with some people who are the opposite of shy: Extroverts tend to bring out some of the more adventurous parts of people. Often times, people start to move closer to the other people they are with when it comes to personalities. By finding a couple people that are extroverted, and hanging out with them, you may find that by nature you become a little bit less shy. It’s also likely that they will introduce you to a few people, which is a benefit not only in the dating world but also provides practice with small talk and conversation with people.

2. Tell a friend or two: By telling people that love you and support you that it is something that you are looking to work on, you can create a system in which you are held accountable. You don’t want to choose friends that will constantly be pushing you into situations all the time, but rather people who you trust to not overwhelm you but give you the support and encouragement you need to step out of your boundaries a little bit more.

3. Talk on the phone: Phone dating is a great way to get practice talking with, and getting to know, other people. One of the great things about phone dating is that there is no pressure to actually meet people in real life. You will get to that as you get more comfortable, though it’s also great to go out on a limb and meet people as well. By talking with people over the telephone you can hone your conversational skills. Often, this helps people overcome some of their shyness.

Phone dating can be great for not only meeting other people, but also putting you in a non-threatening and less intimidating position than traditional dating often can.

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