So you go to the gay bar to pick up a date or score some casual sex. You start a conversation with the cute guy at the bar, only to find out that he is straight. Why he is there, no one knows? Maybe it’s because he thinks he will get free drinks, or maybe he is just curious because he has heard about all of the fun that happens at gay bars. Regardless, this happens more often than one might suspect. It can be annoying and it can be frustrating. Good thing there is a way that you can tell for sure if a guy is gay.

Actually, there isn’t. Sorry for the build-up, but all of the stereotypes in the world cannot determine if someone is gay or not. We come in an amazing variety. Having a gaydar is a myth, no one can tell for certain if someone is gay or not based on stereotypes or “a feeling.”

This is actually one of the reasons that sites like ours exist. There are plenty of gay networking sites in existence, and we are excited that we are one of the best. You can easily move past figuring out that the person you are talking to is gay or not. At the very minimum, they are curious and attracted to men. Our site is a great way to increase the number of compatible gay men that you meet and decreases the likelihood of running into an unaccepting asshole while you are simply looking for love.

Our site is safe, secure, and one of the great places to meet people that have similar interests as yours. If you are ever unsure of someone’s sexuality, you could always ask the person as well. But it seems to me that taking advantage of a fantastic website like ours is the best place to find that sexy gay man you have been longing to go out on a date with. After all, the whole purpose of our website is to get you great dates and/or great sex. It’s all about what you are looking for, and it can all be found here.