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There’s nothing better after a long flight from than getting off. Let’s face it any time is a good time to cum but there’s something about checking into your hotel room, ordering room service, and settling in for a good long jerk off session.

I opened the door and threw my stuff down on the bed. I was starving. I grabbed the phone and ordered some food, flipped on the TV and waited for my steak to arrive.

It wasn’t long before there was a knock on the door. “Room service.” I opened up the door. “Good evening sir.” He said as he pushed the cart into my room. I couldn’t help but notice his package through his tight pants. I was so horny!

I looked away but not fast enough. He grinned as our eyes met and he pushed himself into my ass. “See something you like? I’m Johnny. Is there anything else I can do for you sir?” No solo jerk for me Johnny was volunteering to get me off.

“You know Johnny I’d really like a blow job.” He pushed me onto the bed. Got on his knees and unbuttoned my pants. His hands glided across my thighs to my waiting boner. I let out a soft moan as he took my cock in his hand and grasped my erection. I felt a jolt of electricity move through my body knowing I’d soon be in his mouth.

He stroked my cock to a full erection. His hands were all over me, playing with my balls and flicking my nipples. “Suck me off.” He quickly complied putting my entire schlong in his hot mouth.

This obviously wasn’t his first blowjob. He worked his tongue at the tip of my dick and then took me in his mouth again. I fucked his face until I came in his mouth. He smiled as he wiped my cum off his chin and walked out the door with nothing more than “Have a good stay sir.”