If you met a new phone friend and he’s really shy how do you get him to relax and open up? This blog post is dedicated to that situation. One of the simplest ways to get your shy phone friend to open up is time. Don’t pressure him and give him space and time to feel comfortable with you. You may have to do most of the talking in the beginning but that’s not a bad thing. You can share with your phone friend anything you want about your life. Many shy people are great listeners so you can really have a nice chat about your interests or anything else.

Another way to help your shy phone friend open up is to find some common ground. If you are deciding to put in work to get to know your shy friend then there must be some great things that you like about him. By asking him open ended questions, you give your phone pal an opportunity to speak. Don’t worry if he doesn’t open up right away. He will eventually when he’s ready to.

Another tip to help your shy man on the chat lines is to be completely non-judgemental. By doing so, you help him feel comfortable no matter what he says to you. The more comfortable someone is with you the likelier they are willing to share about self and learn more about you.

The chat lines are always open so why not trying to give your shy phone friend a call more than once per week in the beginning. The more you spend time with one another, the likelier he will open up and reveal about his life and desires. The chat lines are a great way for your shy man to learn to be more confident. If you encourage him to have several conversations with other people within the community, he will eventually feel comfortable opening up with people and you would do him a service by showing him it’s okay to be just how he is.