I love that I can experiment with my sexuality on the chat lines when I have a phone date. I can recreate my sexuality with each and every call. I am never deceptive about who I am, I simply try to express different elements of my personality via my sexuality. Some days I might feel feminine and other days I will feel more masculine.

I would describe myself as a sensitive man, but it’s not always easy for me to express my sensitivity in normal everyday life without some fear of judgement. The chat lines completely eliminate this fear. I can not only be myself, but I can be the person I truly want to be.

The chat lines also make it easier to talk about things that are normally difficult to talk about face to face. I like to encourage people to tell me about the things that turn them on, in return I then tell them about the things that turn me on. This help us discover each other, it’s a lot of fun. When I push myself beyond the limits of my comfort zone I tend to get more in touch with my sexuality.

I was on a date once and we wanted to spice things up and bring in a third person. We dialled up someone on the chat lines and asked them to command us. We wanted them to tell us exactly what they wanted us to do. We put the phone on speaker and followed every instruction very carefully. It was like being directed on a movie set.

I get so turned on when I’m being told what to do to by somebody else, especially not the person I am having sex with. Having this third person in charge really took my sexuality to the next level that night.