While to some it may seem like the amount of money one makes should not be impactful when it comes to dating and love, for many people it is. There have been stories told, for example, about artists told to look for people who make more money than them in order to support them by their family. There are other situations, where one person may feel like they are not making enough money to contribute equally to the relationship. Communicating about money before a relationship starts getting serious is a needed step in the dating process. Sometimes, when it comes to phone dating hotlines, it is something that can come up in conversation earlier.

Many people think it is safe to say that these problems are less prevalent in the gay community as they are in the straight community. The societal construct of the male being the main breadwinner and protector under the female being there to take care of the family just doesn’t apply. It shouldn’t apply anywhere, but unfortunately, it still does in many people’s minds. It’s also great to remember that that big, important, “very manly” appeal that many men have can hide some of the soft sensual family man underneath. If you have found that a lack of balance as far as equity goes has been a strain on previous relationships, it can be very beneficial to communicate this to future potential partners. Being able to talk about insecurities (regardless of whether they are from the person making more or less money) is one of the things that helps make relationships work.

As more and more gay men test the waters in phone dating lines, more of them are finding love in getting married using the services. If you find you are trying to create balanced equity and cannot do to the lavish lifestyle the person you are dating is with, make sure to talk about it. Opening up conversation is the best way to come to a compromise and understanding.

A lot of the time one person does not want to be the person that is responsible for everything financially. There are times though, that one person loves having that financial responsibility in taking care of the person they love. Whichever row you choose, through love, communication on the free chat line, and understanding, there is a path to success.